B&O to Washington, Indiana

The Ohio & Mississippi Railroad was constructed across Indiana from Cincinnati to St. Louis, Missouri in 1857 as a six foot broad gauge railroad, it was converted to standard gauge in 1871.  The Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad (later B&O) acquired the O&M in 1893, formally merging the O&M into the B&OSW in 1900.  The line is now known as the Indiana Subdivision of the Louisville Division.  Today this route sees a trio of weekday manifests that operate west from Cincinnati to Seymour, then south on the Louisville & Indiana Railroad to Louisville, Kentucky.  Local trains are based at Trautman, Ohio and Mitchell, Indiana.

Mile Post (westbound) Station Name Notes
BC 1.5 (east end double track) East End Storrs Jct. Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision / Queensgate Yard
BC 1.6 Storrs Old Amtrak station / Jct. IORY
BC 2.5 Storrs Jct.  
BC 6.7 (west end double track) CW Cabin  
BC 10.5 (single track) Delhi  
BC 15.1 North Bend Jct. IORY
BC 18.3 (east end double track) Finney  
BC 21.7 (west end double track) Dearborn  
BC 22.3 (single track) Lawrenceburg Jct. IORY
BC 26.7 Cochran  
BC 42.6 Milan 9000 ft. siding
BC 51.5 Osgood  
BC 65.6 Butlerville 14,550 ft. siding
BC 72.2 North Vernon Jct. Madison Railroad
BC 87.2 Seymour E-5600 ft. siding
BC 87.3 JO Tower Jct. Louisville & Indiana Railroad
BC 97.8 Brownstown 3300 ft. siding
BC 105.4 Medora 9000 ft. siding
BC 117.7 Tunnelton  
BC 126.4 Mitchell 10.900 ft. siding / Jct. CSX Hoosier Subdivision
BC 130.9 Georgia 4,100 ft. siding
BC 137.5 Huron 3,800 ft. siding
BC 147.7 Martin  
BC 155.3 Loogootee 9,000 ft. controlled siding
BC 162.5 Montgomery 4,000 ft. controlled siding
BC 170.3 Washington Jct. Illinois Subdivision


DTC Blocks Defect detectors
St. Joe - BC 6.7 to BC 10.0 Nebo - BC 25.3
Delhi - BC 10.0 to BC 18.3 Delaware - BC 46.8
River (#1 or #2 track) - BC 18.3 to BC 21.7 Butlerville - BC 64.3
Nebo - BC 22.6 to BC 43.3 Hayden - BC 83.0
Milan - BC 43.3 to BC 65.6 Vallonia - BC 101.0
Butler - BC 65.6 to BC 73.8 Rivervale - BC 120.7
Hayden - BC 73.8 to BC 85.9  
Dunham - BC 85.9 to BC 97.0  
Vallo - BC 97.0 to BC 105.3  
Medora - BC 105.3 to 117.7  
Spark - BC 117.7 to BC 126.4  
CTC west of BC 126.4  

Radio frequencies

160.230 - Road channel #1

160.320 - LB Dispatcher

An eastbound pulls onto the Oklahoma track at Storrs and into Queensgate.
Another eastbound waits for permission to enter Queensgate.
Looking east from Mt. Echo park, we see Y266 at Storrs.
A stack train with new Cotton Belt power heads west at Sedamsville.
Same spot on a bit cooler day, this time in February of 1985.
CSX Q268 at Sedamsville viewed from Mt. Echo Park.
CSX Q671 passes CW Cabin at Anderson Ferry.
CSX Q565 approaching CW Cabin near Anderson Ferry, Ohio.
CSX Q561 eastbound at CF Industries east of Delhi.
CSX Q671 westbound at Finney.
Q268 crosses the Great Miami River bridge east of Lawrenceburg.
Passing Dearborn Tower in Lawrenceburg.
Q245 crosses a street in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
CSX Q554 rolls west at Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
CSX L282 eastbound at Aurora.
CSX Q511 begins the climb Milan Hill and passes the signal at Cochran Junction, Indiana.
CSX Q554 climbs up the hill to Milan.
Q573 at the east end of Milan with a freshly painted ex-RF&P unit leading.
The St. Louis Trailer Train passes Milan Tower in 1986.
A westbound manifest at Milan Tower.
Q511 passing the Damm Theater in Osgood.
CSX Q573 west of Butlerville.
North Vernon, Indiana.  The B&O station is at left and PRR at right.
Q511 crosses the former PRR, now the Madison Railroad, at North Vernon.
At Seymour, Q511 turns south off the B&O onto the former PRR, now L&I RR.
CSX N578 enters Big Tunnel east of Tunnelton, Indiana on a frigid day.
CSX Q373 westbound at Mitchell.
CSX Q371 crosses the former Monon at Mitchell, Indiana.

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