CSX Queensgate Yard

    Located along the Mill Creek west of downtown Cincinnati, Queensgate Yard is one of the largest rail classification facilities in North America.   With a length of approximately five miles and over 70 miles of track, Queensgate is one of the most productive hump yards on the CSX system.  Constructed at a cost of over 71 million dollars with the purpose of consolidating several small yards in the area, the yard was dedicated on October 20, 1981.

    Classification is handled by a gravity fed hump under the control of a fully automated Process Control computer system.  This system consists of a primary computer and a "hot" standby so that a failure of the primary system will automatically cause the standby to immediately assume control.  The system uses an arrangement of field sensing devices to measure car speed and calculate their roll-ability.  Based on these calculations, the system automatically controls retarder pressures to enable cars to roll at a safe couple speed.  It also operates automatic hump switches to properly classify cars and contains the logic for the proper operation of other non-interlocking power-operated hump switches.

    A second system at Queensgate, the Management Information System (MIS), is located in the Terminal Services Center.  Major functions of this system include preparation of hump lists from consists, maintenance of car inventories for the terminal, generation of car records, classification of cars, preparation and transmission of outbound consists, creation of yard and industrial work orders, and distribution of messages.  This system communicates with the Process Control system described above to maximize productivity in the terminal.

    The general sequence of events for processing cars through Queensgate Yard is as follows:

    Other facilities at Queensgate include a locomotive shop, car shop, CSX Intermodal terminal, and CSX TransFlo terminal.  Regional engineering departments are also headquartered at the terminal.

Frequency Use Comments
160.230 Road Monitored by Train Director, Hump Tower Trainmaster, Industrial Yardmaster and Trim Tower Yardmaster
161.100 "LC" Train Dispatcher Cincinnati Terminal dispatcher
160.320 "LB" Train Dispatcher Indiana Subdivision dispatcher
161.370 Yard Movements Monitored by Train Director and Hump Tower Trainmaster
161.550 Industrial Yard Y190, Y290, monitored by Industrial Yardmaster
160.410 / 161.340 Car Department repeater Brake tests and car inspections
160.455 Car Shop  
160.770 Hump Monitored by Hump Yardmaster and Train Director
160.530 Intermodal Terminal Monitored by Ramp Manager
160.425 Trim 1 Monitored by Trim Tower Yardmaster
160.605 Trim 2 Monitored by Trim Tower Yardmaster
160.635 Trim 3 Monitored by Trim Tower Yardmaster
161.280 Trim 4 Monitored by Trim Tower Yardmaster
160.785 Engineering Dept.  
160.305 Communications & Signals Dept.  

    Aerial photos of Queensgate, courtesy of Larry Stulz (http://www.stulzphoto.com)

The following photos taken on CSX property WITH PERMISSION!

Pulling a cut of rehump cars out of the Bowl Yard viewed from the 5th floor of the Hump Tower.
The hump job trims the Bowl Yard a bit.
Trimming the Bowl Yard
Trimming the Bowl Yard among the new sub retarders.
Climbing the crest and passing the Hump Tower.
Q211 exits the hump underpass as it begins its journey to Corbin and points south.
Q228 waits for a signal at the north end of the Bypass Main at RH West.
Q505 with a new SD70AE prepares to depart the Bowl Yard for Louisville.
Working the crest of the hump in frigid January temperatures at sunrise.
Q143 departs Queensgate.
Q361 waits at RH West for a signal to proceed west to Indianapolis.
A lot going on here!  The CSX office car special with some exotic trim engines viewed from Hopple St.
Power being moved to a train under the Western Hills Viaduct at sunrise.
Q313 arrives at the south end of the yard.
J783's power south of the Western Hills Viaduct.
EMD SD70M-2 demonstrators testing on CSX in September, 2005.
The hump crest viewed from the Tower at night.
Cars roll through the master retarder on a warm summer night.
The hump tower trainmaster (foreground) and train director (background) hard at work on 3rd trick.
A restricting signal at the north end of the yard lights the way for an arriving train.

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