B&O to Indianapolis, Indiana

The CSX Indianapolis sub-division of the Louisville Division was completed in 1869 by the Cincinnati & Indianapolis Junction Railway, later the Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Western.  The CI&W came under the control of the rapidly expanding Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RR, which collapsed just prior to World War One.  The B&O assumed control of the CH&D in 1917.  The line see several daily manifest freights, grain trains, and Amtrak's "Cardinal" (#50 & #51).  Local trains are based at Connersville and Cottage Grove..  This line was well known for being one of the last bastions for semaphore signals in North America.  Sadly, the last were removed in the summer of 2000 during a major rehabilitation of the railroad.

Mile Post (westbound) Station Name Notes
BD 26.9 Belt Jct. Jct. Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision
BD 33.2 McGonigle 7250 ft. siding
BD 39.5 Oxford  
BD 48.2 Cottage Grove C&O of Indiana crossing
BD 53.0 Liberty  
BD 62.9 Lyonsville 3350 ft. siding
BD 67.3 Connersville 1750 ft. siding, Yard, Jct. Connersville & New Castle RR.
BD 68.8 Salters 3300 ft. siding
BD 79.0 Mauzy 3300 ft. siding
BD 85.1 Rushville 8700 ft. siding
BD 86.1 EE Pioneer 10,050 ft. siding
BD 87.9 WE Pioneer  
BD 92.1 Arlington 3500 ft. siding
BD 99.0 Morristown 1750 ft. siding
BD 103.6 Fountaintown  
BD 113.5 Julietta 3900 ft. siding
BD 119.7 Irvington  
BD 121.9 Pine Jct.  
BD 122.4 State Street Jct. Shelbyville Secondary
BD 124.5 Indianapolis Jct. Indianapolis Terminal Subdivision
BD 126.6 Moorefield  
BD 127.8 End of Track  


Defect Detectors
BD 43.5
BD 65.5
BD 84.5
BD 104.5

Radio frequencies

160.230 - Road channel (AAR 08)

160.320 - LB Dispatcher (AAR 16)

A grain train from Mauzy crosses the Great Miami River at Hamilton.
Y101 crosses the Great Miami River in Hamilton.
The B&O Belt local at Champion Paper in Hamilton.
Q361 rolls westbound at College Corner, Indiana.
College Corner, Indiana at the turn of the century.
A contaminated soil train from Fernald seen at Cottage Grove, Indiana.
Q361 at Lyonsville with four borrowed Indiana Rail Road SD40-2's.
Q361 passes the Connersville station.
A grain train pulls hard at Longwood Crossing between Connersville and Rushville.
Amtrak #51 at Glenwood, Indiana in 1996.
Passing the station at Rushville.
Q350 meets Q361 which has borrowed Indiana Rail Road SD40-2's.
The Connersville local splits the semaphores at Arlington.
Y132 out of State Street Yard in Indianapolis arrives at Julietta to pick up some cars.

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