Indiana Eastern Railroad

    The Indiana Eastern Railroad commenced operation of the former C&O of Indiana on August 27, 2005 when it leased the line from CSX Transportation. The C&O of Indiana was constructed from Cincinnati to Cottage Grove, Indiana by the Cincinnati & Indiana Western RR, where it connected with the Cincinnati, Richmond, & Muncie RR.  The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway acquired the line in 1908.  The C&O of Indiana does not actually does not enter Cincinnati anymore.  It was abandoned in 1979, however, the line remains intact into Hamilton County from the west to serve the Department of Energy facility at Fernald.  A daily local operates between Richmond, Indiana and Fernald, based out of Cottage Grove at the junction of the B&O Indianapolis sub-division.   There are several online customers besides the DOE Fernald facility that keep the line open, however, Fernald keeps it under CSX ownership.  In 1998, the DOE paid to have the massive timber pile trestle at Okeana rebuilt with a new steel structure.   Currently, CSX and Union Pacific are moving contaminated soil from Fernald in unit trains to Envirocare, a commercial disposal company near Clive, Utah.  These trains operate on an as needed basis.  For more information on the Fernald DOE Facility, visit their website at

Mile Post (westbound) Station Name Notes
CI 18.9 End of Track  
CI 19.2 Fernald  
CI 22.5 Shandon 4900 ft. siding
CI 45.0 Cottage Grove Jct. CSX Indianapolis Subdivision / 3150 ft. siding
CI 54.9 Boston storage track
CI 61.5 Richmond  
CI 61.9 End of Track  

 Radio Frequencies

160.230 - Road #1

The now-abandoned Cheviot Yard as seen from Glenway Avenue.
Westbound through Dent, Ohio. (trackage now abandoned)
J793 works the easternmost customer on the remaining part of the C&O of Indiana at Fernald.
W911's power arrives to pick up a "dirty dirt" train at the Fernald DOE facility.
Getting ready to depart the Fernald facility.
W915's power heads to Fernald to pick up another loaded train, here seen crossing the trestle at Okeanna.
On the move westbound over Okeanna Trestle.
Crossing the state line at Peoria, Indiana.  Note the C&O-era marker on the left.
W915 at Cottage Grove, crossing with the former B&O to Indianapolis.
J793 at Cottage Grove.
Westbound grain train G157 rolls through Kitchel, Indiana at 40mph.
G157 drops its train off at the grain elevator at Boston, Indiana.

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