B&O Middletown Branch

The B&O branch from Overpeck to Middletown, Ohio was built for the express purpose of serving the massive steel mill belonging to the American Rolling Mills (ARMCO), now owned by AK Steel.  CSX still uses this line daily as its Middletown Subdivision of the Louisville Division.

Mile Post (northbound) Station Name Notes
BED 2.5 Middletown Jct. Jct. B&O to Lima
BED 4.0 HM Jct. Jct. Overpeck cutoff
BED 5.7 Woodsdale  
BED 6.9 Rockdale  
BED 8.3 LeSourdsville  
BED 9.4 Park 8000 ft. siding
BED 10.6 South Excello  
BED 11.5 North Excello Lind Yard
BED 12.0 Armco Jct. Jct. AK Steel RR


Defect Detectors


Radio Frequencies

160.230 - Road #1

160.290 - LA Dispatcher

CSX K516 enters the cutoff at Overpeck in 2011.
CSX K185 at HM Junction (Jackson Road).
EMD SD70ACe demonstrator at North Excello.

EMD SD70ACe demonstrator at North Excello.

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