B&O to Lima, Ohio

    The former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad route to Lima, Ohio was acquired by the B&O when it purchased and subsequently merged the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RR in 1917.  Passing through several manufacturing centers, it remains one of the busiest lines into the Cincinnati area, providing access to Toledo, Detroit, and points east and west upon arrival at Sidney and Deshler, Ohio.  Today, the line is in two sections; the southern quarter is part of Cincinnati Terminal, with the northern 3/4 (north of Hamilton) called the Toledo Subdivision of the Louisville Division.

Mile Post (northbound) Station Name Notes
BE 0.9 (Single track) CT Junction Jct. C&O to Russell - Cincinnati Terminal SD
BE 1.9 (south end double track) Tower A Cincinnati Union Terminal - Amtrak Station - Jct. NS 1st District CNO&TP - Central Division
BE 4.0 (south end triple track) Hopple Street Jct. NS Gest Street Yard
BE 4.9 / 5.0 Colerain Avenue / RH Tower North entrance of Queensgate Yard
BE 6.7 (north end triple & double track; single track over head on connection to Toledo Sub) Winton Place Jct. B&O to Columbus
BE 7.0 (south end double track) Spring Grove Avenue aka "Head on connection"
BE 8.0 Ivorydale June Street Yard
BE 11.2 Lockland  
BE 12.0 Wyoming  
BE 15.1 Glendale  
BE 17.3 Cementdale aka "Tri-County" or "747"
BE 19.2 Stockton  
BE 23.6 Lindenwald  
BE 25.4 Hamilton Jct. Indianapolis Subdivision
BE 25.8 Butler Street Jct. NS New Castle District - Begin Toledo Subdivision north of this point.
BE 28.0 New River Jct. Jct. NS New Castle District
BE 29.0 New River Yard Jct. Middletown Subdivision & Yard
BE 30.4 Overpeck Jct. Middletown Subdivision
BE 32.4 (north end double track) Trent  
BE 44.0 Carlisle 11,250 ft. signaled siding
BE 54.9 (south end double track) SD Cabin  
BE 58.3 (north end double track) MC Cabin  
BE 60.0 (south end double track) Second Street  
BE 62.4 North Dayton  
BE 64.9 (north end double track) Needmore 8350 ft. signaled siding & Yard
BE 68.1 Vandalia 15,300 ft. signaled siding with intermediate crossover at BE 68.1
BE 74.0 Tipp City 5050 ft. controlled siding
BE 79.2 Troy 5950 ft. controlled siding
BE 87.3 Piqua 11,700 ft. signaled siding
BE 96.5 (south end double track) Sidney Jct. Jct. CSX Indianapolis Line Subdivision
BE 102.6 (north end double track) SW Cabin  
BE 110.5 Botkins 3650 ft. controlled siding
BE 117.1 Wapakoneta 9775 ft. controlled siding
BE 129.2 Erie Jct.  
BE 130.9 NS Tower Crossing with CFt.W&E RR
BE 132.0 Lima Yard  


Defect Detectors

BE 13.5 Woodlawn, Ohio

BE 27.7 New River Junction, Ohio

BE 51.3 Whitfield, Ohio

BE 70.7 Vandalia, Ohio

BE 94.8 Kirkwood, Ohio

BE 118.1 Wapakoneta, Ohio

Radio Frequencies

160.230 - Road #1

161.100 - LC Dispatcher from Cincinnati to Butler Street (Hamilton)

160.290 - LA Dispatcher from Butler Street to Lima, Ohio

Southbound CSX K599 crossing the Ottawa River in Lima, Ohio.
Passing the depot at Sidney southbound.
Southbound CSX K599 at SW Cabin in Swanders, Ohio.
Northbound CSX G733 at SW Cabin in Swanders, Ohio
Q217 at the north end of Troy.
B&O train at Needmore Road at North Dayton in the 1950's.
A snazzy looking track geometry train on the Dayton Union Railway at Dayton.
Southbound CSX Q559 passes the freight station at Miamisburg, Ohio
A southbound B&O train meets the rear of an eastbound PC train at Farmington Road in Miamisburg.
Looking north at the B&O - Cincinnati Northern crossing in Carlisle.
A northbound passenger train waits for a southbound at Carlisle.
Entering the single track northbound at Trent (Trenton, Ohio).
Southbound CSX Q141 at Overpeck Junction, Ohio.  This is where the northwest connection for the Middletown Branch connects with the Toledo Subdivision.
Southbound CSX Q231 passes the NS connection at New River Junction.
Northbound R506 passes the now-demolished Armco Steel Hamilton Works at New Miami.
Crossing a bridge on the north side of Hamilton.
Southbound at Butler Street in Hamilton.
Northbound at Butler Street in Hamilton.
Extra B&O 6976 north at Hamilton.
A southbound N&W train passing the Hamilton Depot.
Northbound at Hamilton Depot.
Southbound S507 at Hamilton Depot.
A C&O GP39 works at Wayne Yard in Fairfield.
CSX Q517 with foreign power passes the empty field that once was Wayne Yard.
A southbound passes the south end of Wayne Yard as seen from Berks Blvd. in 1976.
Southbound crossing Seward Road at Stockton in 1986.
Southbound crossing Crescentville Road in Cementdale / Springdale.
The first train to pass under new signals at Glendale on April 8, 2014.
Passing the B&O signals at Glendale.
B&O train #53 passes the Glendale station on August 12, 1970.
Southbound N&W train on #1 track crossing Sharon Road in Glendale.
A northbound train lights up the station and signals at Glendale.
A ride on the Glendale center siding in 1987, shortly before its removal.
The "Peddler" works Kroger in Woodlawn.
Aboard a southbound freight meeting a late Amtrak #51 at Wyoming.
CSX G802 southbound at Wyoming.
Amtrak southbound at Township Avenue in Elmwood Place.
Southbound on the "Head-On Connection" at Winton Place.
A northbound turns on the Toledo Subdivision at Winton Place.
A sulfur train crosses the Mill Creek at Winton Place.
A Penn Central passenger train at Canal Ridge in 1970.
Two new CW44AC's lead a train of brand new BN hoppers in 1995.
Looking north at RH Tower
The operator at RH Tower hands up orders to a train with Southern run-though power.
RH Tower
RH Tower
Looking south at RH Tower.
A B&O F7 on the turntable at the Stockyards Roundhouse adjacent to RH Tower.
K587 at the north end of Queensgate Yard.
K514 passes under the now removed B&O signal bridge at RH Tower / Colerain Avenue.
A NS inspection train passes under the new signal bridge at RH Tower in October, 2007.
Running along the east side of Queensgate, K587 approaches Hopple Street.
K514 with Wisconsin Central power passes through Hopple Street Interlocking.
Q217 departs Tower A southbound for Louisville.

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