L&N to Corbin, Kentucky

The former Louisville and Nashville RR mainline from Cincinnati to Corbin, Kentucky was constructed in the late 1850's by the Kentucky Central Railroad. Playing a significant role in supplying and moving troops during the Civil War, it later became an important coal route for the L&N. Today, the line sees substantial traffic, although coal has become less important a commodity on the line north of Winchester, replaced with general merchandise, automotive, and intermodal. Today the line is known a the CC Subdivision of the CSX Huntington West Division.

Mile Post (southbound) Station Name Notes
KC 2.6 / CA 662.6 KC Junction Jct. C&O to Russell
KC 3.9 30th Street - Latonia Jct. LCL Subdivision
KC 4.1 Southern Avenue  
KC 5.2 (south end double track) Rosedale  
KC 7.8 Decoursey Interlocker  
KC 9.9 (north end double track) Spring Lake Jct. Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision / CC Subdivision
KC 14.4 Ryland  
KC 16.7 (south end double track) Visalia  
KC 31.2 (north end double track) Lynn  
KC 36.1 (south end double track) Catawba  
KC 46.1 (north end double track) Uma  
KC 56.6 (south end double track) Robinson  
KC 67.8 (north end double track) Licking  
KC 71.8 (south end double track) Oliver  
KC 80.8 (north end double track) Paris Jct. TTI Railroad
KC 84.7 (south end double track) Clay  
KC 93.4 (north end double track) James  
KC 96.1 North Cabin Jct. R. J. Corman RR
KC 96.6 Winchester  
KC 97.2 Patio Jct. EK subdivision
KC 98.1 Sanderson  
KC 101.8 Flanagan  
KC 106.9 (south end double track) Ford  
KC 123.1 Fort Estill 18,176 ft. siding
KC 129.8 Berea  
KC 136.1 (north end double track) Gap  
KC 141.5 (south end double track) Roundstone  
KC 149.2 (north end double track) Dudley  
C 136.9 (note new MP) Sinks Jct. Sinks spur
C 138.1 (south end double track) Calif  
C 144.0 Perth 15,706 ft. siding
C 156.8 Bourne 19,234 ft. siding
C 164.4 (north end double track) Frantz  
C 171.7 Dortha  
C 172.0 Corbin Jct. KD, CV & Corbin Terminal subdivisions.


Defect Detectors

KC 4.5 - Rosedale, Kentucky

KC 21.4 - Morning View, Kentucky

KC 43.7 - Hayes, Kentucky

KC 62.1 - Poindexter, Kentucky

KC 89.2 - Austerlitz, Kentucky

KC 111.0 - Red House, Kentucky

KC 130.0 - Berea, Kentucky

C 138.8 - Livingston, Kentucky

C 159.1 - London, Kentucky

Radio Frequencies

161.370 - Road #1

160.590 - HI Dispatcher

A southbound coal train passes the abandoned Decoursey Yard in 1990.
Northbound R544 passes the hump tower and administration building at Decoursey in 1989.
A coal train awaits a crew change at Decoursey Yard.
Q539 passes Spring Lake at the south end of Decoursey Yard.
S540 northbound at Spring Lake.
CSX Q213 with a rare WC FP45 exits the south portal of #2 track Grants Tunnel.
A northbound coal train at Grants Tunnels south of Decoursey.
A northbound coal train passes through the Ryland Country Club.
N560 hustles West Virginia coal southbound at Visalia
An office car special southbound at Catawba.
Southbound grain train at Cynthiana
Another southbound at Cynthiana with three new CSX C40-8's.
A northbound crosses the Licking River at Kellers north of Cynthiana in 1987.
Q143 southbound at Hazel Patch with a rare BNSF "demonstrator" unit showing off two different paint schemes.

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