L&N to Louisville, Kentucky

The former L&N line from Cincinnati to Louisville, Kentucky was constructed in the 1850's by the Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Railroad.  This became part of the L&N, and was referred to as the "Short Line", a nickname it retains today, even though it is officially called the LCL sub-division of the Louisville Division of CSX.  The line sees substantial general merchandise traffic and has been recently renovated with improved clearances and trackwork.  In addition, the former GRS signal system that was standard on the L&N has recently been replaced with new Safetrans signals by CSX.

Mile Post (Southbound) Station Name Notes
T 104.2 Latonia 5030 ft. siding, Jct. Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision
T 102.3 Nichols 8400 ft. siding
T 91.1 Bank Lick 9870 ft. siding
T 81.9 Verona 8605 ft. siding
T 70.2 Glencoe 6570 ft. siding
T 54.6 Worthville 8550 ft. siding, Jct. Carrollton Railroad
T 39.5 Campbellsburg 8935 ft. siding
T 27.1 LaGrange 8330 ft. siding
T 17.8 Williams North end double track
T 14.8 O'Bannon Yard
T 12.5 HK Tower Jct. RJ Corman RR
T 6.4 Hubbards Lane South end double track
T 2.8 Frankfort Avenue Jct. Louisville Terminal / north end double track


Defect Detectors

T 104.2 (Latonia)

T 93.2 (Bank Lick North)

T 89.0 (Walton)

T 67.8 (Sparta)

T 58.5

T 49.6 (Barnes)

T 21.1 (Glenarm)

Radio Frequencies

161.370 - Road #1

161.520 - LD Dispatcher Jacksonville

Twilight at the north end of Latonia.
CSX Q242 northbound at Latonia, Kentucky.
Q241 with UP 2001 trailing crosses Bullock Pen Trestle (Bridge 41) near Milepost 100.
Q502 crosses Bullock Penn Trestle northbound to Cincinnati.
CSX office car special crossing Bullock Pen Trestle northbound to Cincinnati.
Crossing Bank Lick Trestle at milepost 99.
Q505 at the south end of Bank Lick Siding.
A southbound ducks under the former Southern to Danville at Walton.
Same location at Walton, but at track level.
Crossing over I-75 and Salem Creek south of Walton.
Same spot, other side with a different train.
CSX Q517 southbound north of Verona.
CSX Q272 at Verona.
Q245 southbound at Elliston.
Northbound Q376 on the fill approaching Elliston.
Q375 exits the south end of Eagle Tunnel.
Q375 southbound through the remains of the north end of Eagle Tunnel, which partially collapsed in January, 2005.  The tunnel has since been daylighted.
Eagle Tunnel post daylighting.  Q241 passes through the remains.
Another view at the former Eagle Tunnel.
Q241 takes the siding at the north end of Glencoe.
R504 and a work train at Glencoe in 1995.
Q241 exits the siding at the south end.
Passing a classic L&N searchlight signal north of Sparta.
Southbound CSX office car special north of Sparta.
Another OCS in a heavy rain shower north of Sparta.
CSX Q571 with the last C&O painted unit north of Sparta.
CSX Q375 north of Worthville with new KCS CW44AC's on delivery.
CSX Q571 with the last C&O painted unit on CSX at Barnes.
Q231 in the same cut at Barnes, but with the old tunnel visible at right.
Q241 rounds the curve into the community of Turners Station southbound to Louisville.
The old and the new.  Signal changes in 2006 at Turners Station.
Q241 passes an abandoned church at Sulphur.
A former Conrail C40-8 leads Q375 down the street at LaGrange.

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