CSX in Cincinnati

        CSX Transportation is the largest provider of rail service in the Cincinnati area.  Seven lines from all directions, a major hump yard, and several minor support yards constitute operations in the region.  Heritage of the CSX lines into Cincinnati include the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, and Louisville & Nashville Railroad.  CSX averages 60 to 70 trains per day through the region in addition to numerous local service trains that switch area industry.  For detailed information on CSX lines into the Cincinnati area, click on the links below.  Lines are organized by heritage and to the nearest outlying terminal.

B&O to Indianapolis, Indiana

B&O to Lima, Ohio (includes Cincinnati Terminal trackage north of Tower A)

B&O to Washington, Indiana

B&O Middletown Branch

C&O to Richmond, Indiana (now Indiana Eastern Railroad)

C&O to Russell, Kentucky (includes Cincinnati Terminal trackage south of Tower A to KC Jct.)

L&N to Corbin, Kentucky

L&N to Louisville, Kentucky

L&N Wilder Main

CSX Queensgate Yard

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