NYC (Big 4) to Columbus

    The former New York Central to Columbus is today the Norfolk Southern Dayton District of the Central Division . The line is comprised of several routes pasted together with realignments dating up to the 1920's. Originally put together by the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad (CCC&St.L), commonly known as the Big Four, it came under the New York Central banner when NYC acquired control of the Big Four in 1920. New York Central merged with its arch rival, Pennsylvania Railroad, in 1968 to form Penn Central. During the PC years, the Big 4 east of London was downgraded and mainline trains were routed onto former Pennsylvania track, an arrangement still in use today and the NYC east of London has been largely abandoned.  In just over two years, Penn Central would declare bankruptcy, the largest in American business history up to that point. When reorganization efforts failed, PC was included in a government plan along with five other bankrupt northeastern carriers, to form the Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) in 1976. Conrail was sold to the public by the government in 1987 and was acquired jointly in 1999 by CSX and NS.

Mile Post (eastbound) Station Name Notes
MP 255.0 (west end double track) NA Tower (Ivorydale Jct.) Jct. CSX Cincinnati Terminal
MP 248.6 (east end double track) CP 248 (CP EVENDALE) Jct. NS New Castle District and IORY
MP 247.6 (single track) Sharonville Lead  
MP 246.1 (west end double track) CP 246 (CP HILL)  
MP 244.2 CP 244 (CP GANO)  
MP 235.8 CP 235 (CP KYLES)  
MP 231.6 Reed Yard Connection (Jct. IORY Mason subdivision)
MP 230.6 CP 231 (CP ARMCO) 5200' ft. siding
MP 229.5 CP 228 (CP HALL) M&C Jct.
MP 223.3 CP 223 (CP CARLISLE JCT.)  
MP 222.9 Franklin Lead Jct. Franklin Industrial Track
MP 216.7 CP 216 (CP OXFORD) Miamisburg
MP 211.8 Moraine Yard  
MP 209.8 (east end double track) CP 209 Jct. Xenia Industrial Track
MP 206.9 (single track) Dayton  
MP 204.6 Tates Point SI Tower
MP 198.0 CP 198  
MP 190.0 CP 190 (CP FAIRBORN) 10,400 ft. siding
MP 182.2 CP 182 (CP CARNEY) Jct. IORY
MP 176.5 CP 176 (WEST BROOKS) 5000 ft. siding
MP 175.4 CP 175 (EAST BROOKS)  
MP 162.7 CP 162 11,800 ft. siding
MP 160.4 (single track) CP 160 (CP LONDON)  
MP 150.5 (west end double track) CP 150  
MP 146.2 CP 146 (CP WEST ALTON) 5280 ft. siding, Buckeye Yard lead.
MP 145.2 CP 145 Buckeye Yard
MP 144.7 CP 144 (CP EAST ALTON)  
MP 138.9 SCIOTO Jct. Western Br. / CSXT
MP 138.0 CP 138 (CP GRANT) Jct. Columbus Line


Defect Detectors

MP 237.8 Hughes, Ohio

MP 231.6 Armco, Ohio

MP 226.4 Middletown, Ohio

MP 218.3 Miamisburg, Ohio

MP 213.2 Moraine, Ohio

MP 197.0 Fairborn, Ohio

MP 172.4 Plattsburg, Ohio

MP 157.8 Glade Run, Ohio

MP 144.7 Miami Outbound Track (High Car Detector)

Radio Frequencies

160.980 - Road & Dispatcher (Sharonville to Columbus)

160.440 - Road & Dispatcher (Sharonville to NA Tower)

161.070 - Yard

Conrail YSCO-14 at Alton, Ohio.
GTW at Cold Springs Station west of Springfield.
Conrail at Tates Point in Dayton, Ohio.  This was the crossing of the B&O Dayton - Welston line and connection with the Erie Dayton Branch.
Conrail at Wayne Avenue Junction in Dayton.
Amtrak at Dayton Union Station in 1972.
GTW eastbound on the Great Miami River bridge at Moraine, Ohio.
NS #43N at Moraine, Ohio.
Westbound Penn Central train at Miamisburg.
Early Conrail-era train at Carlisle.
NS #179 westbound at Middletown
Conrail CICO west of Middletown.
Westbound Conrail train at Kyles Station in August of 1976.
Grand Trunk Western #472 westbound east of Hughes.
Conrail COCI passes the signal at CP GANO east of Sharonville.
Conrail YOSH-13 at Hill Street in Sharonville.
NS 179 with new KCS de Mexico GE ES44AC's at Hill Street
Conrail and L&N power lay over near the hump tower.
A new Conrail C40-8W derailed at Sharonville.
Engine relief job at Sharonville.
A DT&I train passes a PRR SD9 at Sharonville.
A Penn Central manifest train prepares to depart Sharonville.
L&N transfer job at Sharonville.
CSX Q241 on the Vaughn Connection at CP 248 in Evendale.
NS L-51 departs Sharon Yard and heads up the Mill Connection onto the former PRR Richmond Branch.
CSX K305 operating on directional running trackage is shown at Evendale.
CSX K223 westbound at Station Avenue in Arlington Heights.
GTW #216 at 78th Street in Carthage.
An eastbound Conrail train passing the crossing watchman's tower at Elmwood Place in 1980.
The caboose on a westbound train passes the signal at 66th Street in Elmwood Place
GTW #380 passes under the former N&W and the Berry Yard Lead in Elmwood Place.
A NS inspection train at Beech Street in St. Bernard on October 29, 2007.
I&O #258 crosses Beech Street just east of NA Tower.

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