PRR / N&W to Ft. Wayne

The New Castle District of the Lake Division was originally the property of the Pennsylvania Railroad, but the portion west of CP Mill near Cincinnati was sold to N&W and conveyed on "Conrail Day" April 1, 1976.  Completely rehabilitated by the wealthy N&W, it is now one of the busiest lines into Cincinnati hosting a variety of manifest, intermodal, and grain traffic.  N&W through freight operation commenced on the newly rebuilt line on September 29, 1978.  Conrail retained local switching rights between Hamilton and Cincinnati, as well as to New Castle from Richmond (for a time even as far east as Eaton).   Regional operator Indiana & Ohio inherited Conrail's rights between Hamilton and Cincinnati with it's 1994 purchase of the line east of CP Mill from Conrail.  NS dispatches the entire line in an agreement with I&O during the 1994 transaction with Conrail.

The lines earliest heritage is the Hamilton & Eaton Railroad of 1852, which became the Cincinnati, Richmond & Chicago by 1858.  After a brief period under the control of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, it came under the banner of the Pennsylvania Railroads Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad and eventually the PRR itself.

The New Castle District continues west to Fort Wayne, Indiana via the former Nickel Plate Road (LE&W) out of New Castle.  The Cincinnati Directional Running Project utilizes the line between Butler Street in Hamilton and Vaughn, where most trains get on the former Big Four, now the NS Dayton District.

Mile Post (westbound) Station Name Notes
CT 9.0 Clare Jct. N&W to Portsmouth
CV 110.7 Red Bank  
CV 111.9 / CF 7.5 Valley Jct. IORY Oasis Subdivision
CF 10.1 Oakley Jct. Cincinnati District, IORY Oasis Subdivision
CF 10.6 Ridge Jct. IORY (McCullough Yard lead)
CF 16.4 Mill Jct. NYC to Columbus, begin I&O ownership east to Valley.
CF 17.2 Vaughn Jct. NYC to Columbus
CF 20.4 Crescentville 7979 ft. siding
CF 26.7 Moseler  
CF 30.8 Butler St. (Hamilton) Jct. B&O to Lima, operate via CSX for 2.3 miles.
CF 33.1 New River Jct. Jct. B&O to Lima, operate via CSX for 2.3 miles.
CF 37.2 Seven Mile 9871 ft. siding
CF 49.5 Camden 7970 ft. siding
CF 59.8 Eaton  
CF 64.4 Campbellstown 10,590 ft. siding
CF 73.0 Richmond 7964 ft. siding
CF 87.1 Walnut Level  
CF 88.0 Hagerstown 9308 ft. siding
CF 89.0 Bailey  
CF 95.6 Millville 7930 ft. siding
CF 101.9 New Castle end former PRR, begin NKP (LE&W)
CF 115.2 Noell 7,882 ft. siding
CF 119.9 Sixth Street (Muncie)  
CF 120.3 Walnut Street (Muncie) Jct. CSX Indianapolis Line Subdivision & NS Frankfort District
CF 122.0 Bath Jct. NS Frankfort District
CF 125.8 Royerton 8,465 ft. siding
CF 145.2 Montpelier 9,954 ft. siding
CF 169.2 Kingsland 8,810 ft. siding
CF 179.0 Winter Road  
CF 184.1 Hugo Jct. NS Huntington District
CF 185.6 Junction Ft. Wayne Yard Limits


Defect Detectors

CF 23.2 Port Union, Ohio

CF 49.1 Camden, Ohio

CF 62.7 New Hope, Ohio

CF 79.7 Olive Hill, Indiana

CF 95.3 Millville, Indiana

CP 109.0 Mt. Summit, Indiana
CF 128.6 Royerton, Indiana
CF 142.8 Hartford City, Indiana
CF 157.2 Poneto, Indiana
CF 173.5 Ossian, Indiana

Radio Frequencies

160.440 - Road #1

NS 179 is waiting for Triple Crown #263 at Norwood.
PRR signal at Amberley Village  illuminated by an eastbound I&O train.
NS T51 eastbound at Amberley Village
NS L-51 departs Sharon Yard and heads up the Mill Connection onto the former PRR Richmond Branch.
NS 660 eastbound along Canal Road in Sharonville.
NS 252 at Seward Road east of Hamilton.
NS 54A at South Hamilton
CSX Q231 utilizing direction running has just passed Butler Street.
NS 230 passes the former PRR Hamilton station (demolished in 1991).
NS 197 approaches the US 127 crossing in New Miami.
NS 236 west of New Miami.
NS F-32 coming out of the sun at Somerville.
NS 231 meets local L-89 at the west end of Camden.
NS 180 crosses the White River in Muncie, Indiana.

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