B&O to Columbus, Ohio

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad to Columbus, Ohio was constructed in the mid-1800's with several components, put together by the B&O Southwestern RR.  The mainline originally went from Cincinnati to Parkersburg, WV via Midland City, Ohio, which was completed by the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroad in 1861.  A branch to Columbus ran north out of Midland City, built by the Columbus & Cincinnati Midland Railroad in 1885.  It became part of the B&OSW in 1890.  CSX sold or abandoned the B&O east of Midland City, thus the branch to Columbus reconstituted the mainline.  On October 15, 2004, the line was leased to G&W subsidiary Indiana & Ohio Railway.

Mile Post (eastbound) Station Name Notes
BB 6.8 Winton Place Jct. B&O to Lima
BB 7.5 NA Tower / Ivorydale Jct. Jct. Big 4 to Columbus (NS Dayton District) - Property line between CSX and I&O.
BB 8.6 Bond Hill Jct. N&W to Portsmouth (Berry Yard Lead)
BB 10.9 East Norwood Jct. CL&N / I&O and PRR Richmond Branch (I&O)
BB 12.4 Oakley Jct. CSX Cincinnati Terminal Subdivision
BB 13.5 Madisonville  
BB 17.0 Madeira  
BB 19.7 Remington  
BB 34.2 Pleasant Plain  
BB 41.8 (west end double track) BN Junction Jct. Hillsboro Branch (abandoned)
BB 44.7 (east end double track) Midland City Jct. IORY Greenfield Subdivision
BR 55.2 Wilmington Jct. PRR (abandoned) / storage track
BR 61.1 Melvin 4465 ft. siding
BR 66.7 Sabina storage track
BR 76.1 Potter storage track
BR 77.0 Washington Court House Jct. Fayne Industrial Track / storage track
BR 83.0 Bloomingburg  
BR 86.1 Haynes 4577 ft. siding
BR 86.7 Madison Mills  
BR 92.2 Mt. Sterling storage track
BR 97.7 Derby storage track
BR 101.4 Orient  
BR 104.2 Pleasant Corners  
BR 108.3 Grove City 4519 ft. siding
BR 113.1 Mound Street  
BR 114.3 Russ Jct. NS
Via NS Dayton District Scioto Tower / LM Cabin Jct. CSX Columbus Subdivision


Defect Detectors

Milepost 38.5 - Blanchester

Radio Frequencies

161.220 - Road

161.385 - Road

NS #197 passes NA Tower in St. Bernard in 1994.
Fast forward 6 years and NA is not looking so good.
N&W at NA.
NA Tower operator Don Garrett is hard at work overseeing Ivorydale Junction.
Two I&O trains at NA Tower in 2013.
CSX Q365 at the St. Bernard depot.
A westbound B&O train passes BH Tower, crossing with the N&W Cincinnati Connecting Belt.
CSX R314 runs along the Norwood Lateral as seen from Montgomery Avenue.
GK Tower at East Norwood on a crisp, winter night in 1989.
Operator John Borders at East Norwood.
The Oakley Job passes the tower on its way back to its namesake yard.
R314 meets an I&O transfer at East Norwood in 1993.
R314's engineer grabbing trainorders at East Norwood as night falls.
NS KC07 passes the derelict East Norwood tower.
It was only a matter of time before vandals destroyed the venerable structure.
Q315 waits at Madisonville to get the "SUGAR" DTC Block before it can proceed into Cincinnati.
R315 passes the Madeira station on the now-removed #1 track.
A work train removes the rail of #1 track at Camargo Road in Madeira.
R314 switches a customer in Blanchester.
Eastbound at Midland City.
Westbound excursion at Midland City, coming off the Newark side.
Passing under the signals at Midland City in 1986.
Q266 passes the tower at Midland City in 1998.
CSX and I&O interchange at Midland City as some local kids watch in the shade.
The jointed rail has since been replaced with welded at Bloomingburg.
I&O eastbound at Norwood in 2013.
I&O 4072 at Washington Court House in 2010.
R315 with a RF&P GP40 leading, crosses the massive trestle at Orient.

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